Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

Browsing antiques is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. They always tell a great story and add that "little something extra" to a room - contemporary or traditional in style. I just love them! I recently visited a local shop that has a multitude of hidden treasures - many originating from 19th century Belgium. I couldn't resist snapping some shots of a few pieces that caught my attention. I am definitely keeping my eye on them!

Some tips when antique shopping:
1) Try to find out the origin of the piece. Not only does it validate it's authenticity but makes it even more special.
2) Keep an open mind. While some pieces don't need a thing changed, many can take on a whole new look with just the right fabric or refinishing job.
3) Don't be afraid of imperfections or pieces that are worn. This can add character. If you prefer the "newer" look, these blemishes can oftentimes be remedied.
3) Search the "sale" section. It's a great place to find that budget-friendly piece that may set your room apart.

Adore this settee - even the velvet fabric!!

The white frame with steel gray fabric is stunning!

Set of 6 dining chairs in velvet - loving the upholstered backs.

I really like the shape of this piece; 
change the fabric and you've got a treasure!

Unique, open back...
I'm watching these for a project!

Not sure if this is an antique but I loved the bright colors.
It would make a great accent piece!


  1. Ooo loving that settee. Perfect for a breakfast nook!

  2. I am an antique fiend! I am the same way. Meandering for hours and wondering what the stories are behind each piece.

    These are great finds!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. It made my day!


  3. Wow, I love every item you chose! That sette is amazing. I want to find a cheap one and reupholster it sooooo badly!!


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