Saturday, June 12, 2010

Accessory Adoration

Accessorizing is so much fun, and I love to stumble upon items that are unique and convey a sense of personality. Accessories can really transform and create the mood for a space - bringing a sense of sophistication or even a bit of quirkiness to your room. One of my most recent accessory obsessions has been Jonathan Adler's line of pottery. He creates a wide range of pieces that blend with any style (traditional to contemporary), and each has its own individuality. I personally love the white pieces that are clean, crisp, simple and just plain amazing!

Below are some of my favorites along with a couple of images of Jonathan's work as a designer. He is multi-talented, no doubt!

P.S. - I'm planning to purchase the large bird bowl to sit atop a few books on a coffee table - so excited!

Bird Bowls

(Left) Capuchine Vases; (Right) Gourd Relief Vase with Fish

Daschund - adorable!

Turtle Box

Images from Jonathan Adler

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  1. It is the little JA for accessories.


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