Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello, Cupcake!

Today I turn another year older - where is the time going? I don't have any major birthday plans but am super excited to spend the day with family and friends. To me, that's the best!

In celebration of birthdays, I want to honor one of my favorite treats - the cupcake! I just love this little dessert, and it has become SO popular in our culture - from the kitchen to fashion to art and design. Who could have imagined that this little treat would bring such bliss?!

Enjoy, and have a fabulous weekend!

My Favorite - Banana Split Cupcake

Cupcake Tables and Seats from Jellio

Cupcake Pottery by Courtney Rae Designs
This was given to me as a gift. Isn't it so cute?!

Cupcake Art by Sarah McTaggart - I own this one!

Betsey Johnson Cupcake Necklace and Purse
Enjoy Cupcakes in California

Cupcake Display at Enjoy Cupcakes


  1. Yum! Happy Birthday! I just went to a wedding last weekend where they had salted caramel cupcakes instead of a cake. Must try...divine :)

  2. Yummy! I can never get enough cupcakes!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your day exceeds your expectations!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday (a day late)!

  4. I am sorry I am so late but I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!!




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