Sunday, May 20, 2012

Piping Hot!

The hubs was out of town so Brennan and I enjoyed a nice girls weekend! We went to the neighborhood spring social on Saturday and spent some time at the park this afternoon to stroll, swing and see the ducks...three of our favorite activities! One thing was for sure, though, it was piping hot!! It's a good thing there were some shade trees we could escape beneath.  I posted a couple of pics from our outing at the bottom of the post :)

Speaking of piping hot...I am totally digging the HOT PINK accents that the Hotel Gansevoort on Park Avenue NYC has used to create a total wow factor in the guest rooms! I think I could handle spending some time in that room after a long day of NYC shopping. Hmmm...let me go check my calendar - ha!

Above images via here.

Love her!!

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