Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a new year...and I'm still here!

The new year is here, and one of my resolutions is to get back to blogging - on a regular basis! I really don't have any good excuses, but somehow this fall and winter have gotten away from me...and now it's 2011! Yikes! To all of my followers, though, I am back!! I have a new work schedule that will hopefully allow me to do a lot more posting. Collin and I are expecting our first child (a girl) in April so I will have lots of nursery news to report in the coming months. Plus, I've been doing some things around the house that I want to share along with some great design tips, design profiles and design stay tuned! Don't give up on me yet - it's going to be a great year!

In closing, I thought I would share some pictures from our family Christmas. It was so nice to spend time with everyone, and as always, eat delicious food...oh, how I love the holidays!!

(Me and my niece, Hart)

(Me and Collin)

(Me and my sister, Joanna. I'm due April 3 and she is due April fun!)

(My sweet niece, Elleigh)

(Elleigh again)

Cheers to the new year! What do you have in store??


  1. You & your sister both look beautiful. I look forward to all the nursery news...


  2. Congrats on your baby news!! And how fun that you and your sister will have babies at the same time!!


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