Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Cup of Joe, Anyone?

One of our latest purchases is the Keurig Special Edition Single-Cup Brewer. For those of you who know me, you know how much I love a good cup of java - any time of day, and this coffee maker is just what I needed! If you 're not familiar with this fabulous appliance, it brews one cup at a time (small, medium or large - I usually go for the large!) so you don't have to fuss with making an entire pot of coffee and then throwing the extra down the drain. Plus, it's so easy to use and brews in no time so you can have a delicious, fresh cup of instantly!! Another plus is that there are TONS of flavors and brands to choose from so you can change it up anytime you, tea, hot chocolate - even iced drinks.I personally stocked up on a few different flavors (decaf, hazelnut, cafe mocha, hot cocoa, cappucino, iced vanilla latte, etc) so I can sample them all! It's simply fantastic...can you tell I love it?!

So with all of this coffee craziness in my life, I began brainstorming about the different ways that coffee is incorporated into design. I mean, think about is a major phenomenon all over the world! I did a little research online and found some inspiring images that show just how popular a "cup of Joe" is in this world. What do you think about this anytime-of-day treat? Yay? Nay? Do you like how it has been incorporated in design, or should we leave it all to taste? I would love to hear your thoughts!

So how have we paid homage to this delicious drink???

We've created super cool appliances to make our cup just perfect!

The Keurig Single-Cup Home Brewer

We've named furniture after it...
Oly Studio Yves Table

Aidan Gray Cole Coffee Table

It has become artwork - literally! There are world-wide contests for the best latte design...

We use it as our subject for artwork...

Spoonful Coffee

We decorate with coffee as our "theme"...

Fine China pays tribute...

Herend Rothschild Bird - Green Coffee Urn

Desserts are made (and named) to compliment this delicious drink...

Coffee Cake (great with a cup of joe!)

And of course, we develop super chic containers to keep our snack hot (or cold if you prefer)...
Pavina Highwall Double Wall Glasses by Bodum

Of course there are many more ways that we show our adoration for coffee, but these caught my eye!

Have you had your cup of java today??


  1. We got our Keurig just two weeks after Stella was born (Christmas) so for 3 years I have been enjoying 1-5 cups a day from this wonderful machine. (You will be loving it a TON when baby girl arrives not having to wait for the coffee to brew!) My favorite is Gloria Jean's Cappuccino with Sugar Free French Vanilla Cream from CoffeeMate. Heaven. Also a good crowd pleaser is Donut Shop Coffee. Yum. Enjoy your little dream machine!

  2. I'm not a coffee drinker but I can understand.

  3. I love coffee too! You're a girl after my own heart :)

  4. I can't live without my coffee! Such a yummy post!

  5. Omgosh I got one for Christmas and I love, love it. I like the Tullys Kona bold blend, but I love a good strong cup of coffee, first thing to get me going and coherent!!! Keurig is the best!! Kathysue

  6. How very clever of you! I love all of it and even have Bodum glasses, wait - I love all of it except the actual coffee :), never did take to it.

  7. Hey real quick- a shout out to you on my "new" blog... I put pictures of Ruby's Room up, but I also mentioned your blog.


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