Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's your color character?

Color - it's one of my favorite topics! Whether it's bold and daring you love, a splash of contrast you relish or a more neutral palette you crave - it's perfectly beautiful. One of my favorite things about design is seeing the color character in others. You may be thinking..."but it depends on my mood" - yes, this can be true! Just go with what feels right and makes you smile - you will never be disappointed. So what's your color character? 

Bold and Beautiful

Splash of Color

Calm Neutral

All images from House Beautiful


  1. Well with me it really all depends on the day! I can go both ways!

  2. I know it - me too! I can go both ways as well - all depends on my mood!

  3. I'm definitely a splash of color kind of girl. And I love the examples you show of this technique; they are so pretty with subtle splashes. That's exactly the way I decorate. ;)
    XO Piper


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