Monday, November 8, 2010

Fireplace Fix-Up

I've been meaning to post about this for a while but just got around to taking some final photos. When Collin and I bought our home, it wasn't quite complete so we were able to put a few of our own touches in the final building phases; however, some things were already in place. One of these things was the tile around the fireplace in the formal living room. The tile that the builder selected was a slate tile which had a lot of natural blue hues. I liked the tile OK, but it just wasn't working with the style and colors of the room. It was dark and rustic, but the room is more formal and light. So, we made a change and replaced the slate tile with a 2" x 1" Imperador marble mosaic tile, and I love it! I wanted something classic, subtle and neutral, and I think it really works well in the space. Of course during the whole process, I bought a new lamp and a few new accessories and moved some things around - go figure!

Below, I have posted some photos of the room and fireplace- before, during and after. I apologize for the pictures not being very professional! Anyway, have any of you reworked your fireplace surround lately? What has been your most recent home project? Aren't they so much fun?!





  1. Oh please please please tell me what you used to stick the tile on the fireplace front! It looks like a metal fireplace surround (which I also have) and I don't know what type of mastic to use to stick my tiles on with. Marian

  2. ok fireplace looks FABULOUS! - LUVS!

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    *kiss kiss*

  3. Amazing how much difference small changes can make. Your living room is quiet and elegant - I love it!

  4. looks lovely darling!! Really opens up the space :)

  5. I'm dying to try this. Looks great!


  6. Love love love it! I cannot wait to see what you do in baby girl's nursery!


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