Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Back...in Tennis Green!

Okay, so you're probably wondering where I have been. It's not like me to go this long without posting; and I must admit, I don't like being gone this long either. But...this past week has just been crazy. I spent the latter part of last week in Dallas at MetroCON that I posted about here, and it was great! Needless to say, though, when I got back, I was so tired! I spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing, and before I knew it, it was Monday morning and I was back to work. So, I'm sorry for being gone so long...but I'm back now!

I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to post about today. I have been playing a lot of tennis lately, and it hit me! I will post about "tennis green" because let's be honest, the color of a tennis ball is pretty cool! Well, I guess you could say it is "tennis yellow" too - or a mixture of the two - but either way, the color is striking in my opinion. I started paying attention to this color and it is really everywhere - fashion, interior design, furniture, accessories, you name it. So here's to "tennis green" and the bright, bold character that is has!

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  1. Wow! I have never seen anything in this color and it really pops! I like it and love the variety!

  2. Such a bold color but it works in the right space!! Glad you're back ;)

    xo Jade

  3. Girl, you really do have tennis on the brain! I love this color (I grew up with a kitchen this color) I love the first image with the wild walls and white/ calm table and chairs. Glad you're back!

  4. I do like this color but can only take in small doses like the last picture. Although, I have to admit, I do like the first picture too. It's so bold and sometimes I wish I could commit to a bright color like that in my house.

  5. Welcome back! I would have never dreamed of using this color in a kitchen, but I love the example you showed here. Love that pop of color on the cupboards!
    XO Piper

  6. You are crazy clever! Love all those different tennis ball chairs! Those would be a huge hit in my hood! I think I am the only one who doesn't play tennis! Haha.

  7. I didn't know I can like lime green so much until I saw this post.

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  8. I'm with ya - love this color - especially with pink or gray. Thanks for sharing these vibrant photos!

  9. The chairs are too much fun! I like the touch of green in pillows too.

  10. We missed your fabulous posts while you were gone! Loving the wallpaper.

  11. this is crazy awesome. my mom would go wild over all of this -- it is her favorite color!!

    thanks for stopping by today to check out Little Blue Dear's guest post!
    your newest follower

  12. Crazy for that first room! Gorgeous!



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